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 Tatiana Barbanov

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Tatiana Barbanov

Contact information
HaRoe 23/7,
Rehovoth, 76209, Israel
tel. 972-54-939458
Fax: 972-15154-939458
E-mail: tbarbano@1stholyland.com

Tatiana Barbanov was born in Moscow, Russia and now resides in Israel.

She studied art in the Architecture and Art University in Moscow.
Professor Tichonov was here teacher in oil and watercolor painting.
Professor Rachelov taught her drawing.

After graduating from the university Tatiana worked as an architect
and book designer. She took part in projects of several office and industrial buildings in Moscow and other cities of Russia and abroad. She also worked with sculptors and helped them to place their works in the streets and squares for the best artistic effect.

In 1990-ties she studied creative design from the prominent Russian artist
Galina Zaitseva in her private art school and then taught there.
Her works from this period are mostly batiks. She participated with
her batiks in several exhibitions in Moscow Artist's House.

In 1994 Tatiana moved to Israel and changed technique to watercolor and oil painting. Her artworks are not exact landscapes but you may feel from then the real soul of these famous places. Tatiana tries to emphasize in her artworks all unrepeatable beauty of manifold Israeli landscapes. She fills her pictures with bright sunlight and joyful colors of the Holy Land of Israel.

Tatiana says:
"I am fascinated with bright colorful landscapes and flowers of the Holy Land. I try to contemplate them in my art works, so that anybody looking at them would remember about the Holy Land and what makes it holy."

Tatiana has held several solo exhibitions in Israel during the last seven years. Her works are also displayed in some Israeli galleries.

Private and institutional purchases in Russia, USA, Israel.

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