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10 Reasons To Always Buy Art Over the Internet

by Charles Sherman

1. Speed - You can have the entire transaction completed in as short a time as a few minutes.

2. Convenience - The art market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can inspect gallery collections and auction catalogues virtually anywhere in the world. To start with, any of the fine galleries listed at our links page would be a good choice.

3. Wider Selection - Over 250,000 artists worldwide, at your fingertips nobody ever dreamed of selections like this ten years ago.

4. Research - Search the name of any artist and you will be amazed at the information that follows, including museum exhibitions, gallery shows, and media recognition that you would not have imagined. There is as much data as you need. The research you do may be fascinating, and you may wish to invest many hours investigating your fine art purchases for your own enjoyment.

5. Discretion - Many people do not like to be seen or let others know who they are in order to maintain the privacy of their collections. You can take a piece of art into your own private world, and nobody has to know about it.

6. Financial security - Credit card protection - If you received a product that's not exactly what you agreed on, you have recourse with a credit card company. You do not have to pay. All you do is fill out a form and send it in and funds will not be withdrawn form your bank account.

7. Tax avoidance - Often when you buy over the Internet you are buying out of state. Therefore you pay no sales tax. This can save 8-9% of the final sales price.

8. Reputability - You can choose who you want to deal with from the most exclusive galleries, auction houses and fine art websites in the world.

9. Access to the world market of galleries and auctions. - You can contact any gallery, museum, art web site or artist for the price of a local telephone call-it's virtually free.

10 No in-person price haggling - Many people feel uncomfortable negotiating a price face to face. Over the Internet you may still negotiate, but it is not face to face. You can also negotiate on you own schedule and spend as much time as you like to think about the negotiating process.

But before you buy a work of fine art online, you'd better read 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Fine Art Over the Internet free by visiting: http://www.california-pawnshop.com/

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I myself highly recommend you to read
10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Fine Art Over the Internet at http://www.california-pawnshop.com/. When reading you may check all the problems of buing fine art over the Internet which Charles Sherman mentions, to the policies of the 1st Holy Land Online Gallery in F.A.Q page.


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