1st Holy Land Online Gallery

Who we are?

1st Holy Land Online Gallery is a family run business based in Rehovoth, Israel.
Rehovoth is just 12 miles south from Tel-Aviv and 30 miles west from Jerusalem.

1st Holy Land Online Gallery founded to use the Internet to help others.
We exhibit the works of artists and artisans, many of whom would otherwise be restricted to local cafe traffic.
We give to our visitors possibility to see their art works dedicated to beauty of the Holy Land.
Our customers may buy these art works in a secure and reliable way and enjoy with the beauty of Holy Land every day and every hour.

"Beauty Improves Souls" is more than a slogan to us.
Whenever you look at a beautiful art work of a prominent artist from the 1st Holy Land Online Gallery, you remember about the Holy Land and what makes it holy.

When you select and give an original artwork to your friend it’s guaranteed that your friend won’t just have it.
What makes art such a special gift is that when you give it, you really give part of yourself.
Just making the selection and some effort to acquire the art work you open part of your inner self to the receiver. Whenever your friends looks at the work of art they will not only remember you, they will also remember the occasion and the emotions that caused the gift to be given.

Art is an embodiment of these memories. Art is forever.

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